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50 percent more


Our super powerful and natural sanitiser means our cleaning methods 50 percent more effective than using bleach or any chlorine-based products. It's approved 100% safe by the strictest hygiene bodies around the world.


This incredible cleaning power should obviously come at a cost, right?


You could be forgiven for thinking that but we can produce it for less than any chemical-based cleaning product. So when we say you can be Cleaner For Less, we really mean it.

3,000 times faster

Our on-site generated sanitiser is 3,000 times faster than bleach at eliminating germs, odours, stains, mould, mildew and other contaminants. It can be used in any of our equipment meaning it can be used to disinfect hard surfaces or also to remove carpet or fabric stains.


Beyond the incredible cleaning power, the super fast-acting time means we can effectively carry out any cleaning task quicker than any other cleaning method. This again helps us to offer you our Cleaner For Less promise


No Chemicals 

Need we say any more?


Our sanitiser is so safe that even human consumption of it will have no effect.

Improve your environment, improve your health, save the planet, save your money. It's that simple! 

There's no catch, we really can make your working environment much more hygienic and also save on your bottom line as well.


Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

The science behind the magic

Be Smarter

Be Cleaner

Save Time

Save Money

The power of nature

Have you ever wondered why the air smells so fresh and clean after a thunderstorm?


The electric charge in lightning converts oxygen in the rainwater, forming aqueous ozone. This is where the fresh, clean smell comes from.

Our groundbreaking technology is engineered from this act of nature but despite its entirely natural creation, it is more powerful and faster acting than bleach.


It can kill 99.999% of germs, viruses, and foodborne pathogens in seconds.

We firmly believe we have the simplest, safest, and most sustainable way to clean and sanitise.

Patented technology certified and tested at ISO 9001 laboratory to EN1276 and EN13697 British standards as a disinfectant. 





Are you ready to make  a difference?

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